New tracks! Forever, For Nothing and Departure available to listen to now and available on Spotify and iTunes by the end of the month.

Here is a review we received from Beach Sloth for these two new tracks!


The Ultra – Forever & Departure


The Ultra – Forever & Departure

The Ultra opts for darkened, tragic hues of synthesized anguish on “Forever” & “Departure”. Done with the utmost of precision, the Ultra goes for a timeless sort of synth pop sort of approach for the way they let these tracks unfold feels majestic. With a keen ear for melody everything about the pieces feels infinitely elegant. Over the course of these pieces there is a yearning quality that propels everything forward. By far the highlight of the sound comes from the direct, forceful lyricism that rests at the very heart of it all. Expressive to its very core everything simply swirls around in a heavy sort of beauty.

On “Departure” the Ultra waste no time. Immediately the groove comes into focus. The usage of a multifaceted, multilayered sound gives the whole of the work a symphonic scope. Driving rhythms heighten the sense of urgency that prevails over the course of the track, while things build up into a virtual crescendo. Little gestures gain such poignancy, with even the lightest touches becoming amplified throughout the piece. Elastic rhythms work wonders on the heat of “Departure”. Stripping things down to the essentials, “Departure” features a noir like style, with the bass ebbing and flowing in such a gorgeous way. Riffs gain such an emotional impact for the whole of the work has a hushed awe about it.


Absolutely lush and easy to get lost in, the Ultra crafts a thoughtful realm with “Forever” & “Departure”.